Binh's Video Report for 2020

November 20, 2020

Summer 2020 Mission

August 20, 2020

Every summer, Children of Peace International brings our medical mission team to Hiếu Thuận, Vĩnh Long, deep in the Delta, by the Mekong River to serve the elementary students. It is our way to prepare our little for the new school year

.RiceHygiene lessons

💙 Our COPI family in Saigon, led by cô Cúc went to Hiếu Thuận, Vĩnh Long. This is an all-Vietnamese mission to serve our families and children in Vietnam.
💙We received a grant to aid Vietnam during this COVID 19 pandemic. The grant came from Ooltewah United Methodist Church in Ooltewah, Tennessee. This generous gift allows us to provide each family in need of 25 lbs of rice. The families we serve are the lottery tickets sellers, the folks who buy recycle trash, sort and sell it to big manufactories, the folks who are dumpster divers, folks who beg for a living, the elders who are lonely, the already poor who become poorer during COVID pandemic.

💙Our team with nurses, pharmacist, dentists, doctors, chef, Grab driver, school administrator, hospital clerk, dental technician, dental processor, 5th-grade student, and 1st-grade students. They are members of the COPI family, and we are always ready and able. They sleep in school rooms, get up early for breakfast, and opened our clinic at 7:30am.


💙 We reminded our little students to wash their hands before meals and after bathroom uses. We are the only medical mission team that teaches our patients how to properly wash hands, brush teeth, and wash faces. The lessons are useful right now for all of our patients to use during the COVID pandemic.
💙Thank you, OUMC for allowing us to bring your kindness to our friends and families in need. Your love sustains us keep us serving Vietnam better.
💙Thank you COPI in Vietnam. Without you, there is no COPI. Thank you, Dr. Sang, Anh Sáu, chị Điệp, Dr. Ngân, Dr. An, Dr. Yen, Dr. Phong, Dr. Yen, Cô Hà, Cô Hương, Chú Hiếu, Chú Tiếng, chú Dũng, cô Tâm, bạn Tước, bạn Đồng, bạn Thắng, GS. Tì, nha sĩ Mi, bạn Phi, bạn Tư and Co Cuc. Hội Children of Peace International is grateful to each of you, always. -----binh

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